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We have a strong commitment to sustainable design, green building, environmental awareness, energy efficiency and integrating this into our daily practices and our clients homes.  We work with our clients to bring the highest level of green building to each remodel or new construction.

What is Green Building & Why is it Important?

Green building emerged from a stark realization that the building industry has a major impact on our environment.  In April of 2009 the EPA published a paper called "Buildings and Their Impact on the Environment:  A Statistical Summary" outlining how buildings contribute to Energy Consumption, Water Usage, and other relevant areas.  One statistic that jumps out - "Buildings accounted for 72 percent of total U.S. electricity consumption in 2006 and this number will rise to 75% by 2025". 

With this in mind, many building professionals, homeowners and businesses began to evaluate how we can minimize the enormous environmental impact of the building and construction industry.  We are now in the midst of a "Green" Revolution.  Building codes are focusing on Green Building, cities and counties are offering incentives for utilzinig green building techniques, and new rating systems now measure how Green we are building.  These are all moving us in a much more sustainable direction.

Conserve Natural Resources

Conserve Natural Resources

We all know that the earth's resources are finite. The building industry is a major contributor to the decline in our natural resources. Therefore, we have the ability to make a big impact in saving our planet's resources. What can we do? Remodel and build wisely - use rapidly renewable materials when possible, use low-flow fixtures, use salvaged, recycled and FSC certified materials, install a water catchment system to catch rainfall from our roof, install a gray water system, re-purpose demolition materials if possible, then recycle what cannot be re-purposed, use alternate construction materials and building methods (ICF's, advanced framing techniques, straw bale) and most importantly, be thoughtful about the materials you choose for your remodel. Ask questions and seek sustainable options. We strive to include these strategies into our projects and work closely with you to find sustainable options.
Reduce Energy Consumption

Reduce Energy Consumption

There are so many ways to conserve and reduce your energy usage. Some examples include passive solar design - orienting the home in a manner that best captures the natural heat and cooling, high efficiency heating and cooling systems. We specify the most efficient HVAC systems available. Other important measures include superior insulation practices. We strive to install the highest level of insulation in all of our jobs, including spray foam insulation and blown cellulose. We also specify Energy Star dual pane windows and focus on sealing leaky areas in your home.
Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Our homes can be toxic to us. We have all heard the horror stories about formaldehyde. Our goal is create the most healthy living environment for you. We strive to use materials that have low or no VOCs and toxic materials - we specify no VOC paint, formaldehyde free cabinetry, wool carpets, and a wide variety of materials that are less toxic for the air quality of our homeowners. Your health (and the health of our employee and workers) is supremely important to us.

Create & Support Liveable Communities

Buying local, supporting local contractors, local vendors, and supporting the local economy is a priority for us. We prefer to use materials that are sourced as locally as possible, to reduce fossil fuel consumption and build community pride.

Green Resources

PleasurePointBuffetGreen building and remodeling can be a daunting process.  Analyzing and understanding the pros and cons of each product, practice and service can be overwhelming.  A D Construction is dedicated to helping you design and build your project in a sustainable manner. We are here to walk you through the process. For those individuals that want to do more research, we have provided a few links that may help you in navigating this process.


Local Resources

City of Santa Cruz Green Building Program

Ecology Action

General Resources

EPA's Green Building Website

Built It Green

U.S. Green Building Council

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