"Individually, Shannon and Tony possess particular qualities unique to their own personal aesthetics. Tony is a master contractor, a true artist. He doesn't use just any materials; every piece of wood, nail, flooring, roofing that goes into the creation of the house is hand-selected, every element and component is mulled over. I've seen Tony literally make something out of nothing; what others would consider junk or scraps or ugly, Tony can transform into something valuable and useful and beautiful. He has a quick mind, always turning ideas over, always figuring out ways to add to the overall fluidity of the design. I get the impression that Tony is not only great at what he does, but that he loves what he does. It comes across loudly in the breathtaking spaces he creates. Tony takes incredible pride in his craft, and it is wildly evident in his superior craftsmanship. It wasn't uncommon for me to see Tony, late into the evening, still working hard, often alone, everyone else having gone home already, perfecting the day's work down to the last little detail."

"Shannon is an owner's best friend. I could not have possibly imagined the completion of this huge project without her. Always available, personable, optimistic, and reassuring, Shannon has a vast repertoire of design ideas from which to draw upon. She knows how to take a room and not only make it look chic and elegant, but to make it feel like home. She really listens to what the client is trying to verbalize, and synthesizes that information into a cohesive, viable design aesthetic. Shannon's taste is highly cultivated and sophisticated, but her eye for unique design seems more intuitive than anything else. She can walk into a construction site, the structure of the house still skeletal, and know exactly what needs to happen in order for the owner's vision to come across. From paint to window coverings to stone to lighting fixtures, her meticulous, highly evolved eye for detail and quiet confidence come across in all she touches."

"In addition to their positive individual and collective attributes, the Demma's have unbeatable connections in the construction and design worlds. Their filofax includes some of the top professionals in the areas of painting, woodwork, masonry, and landscaping. They also maintain solid working relationships with major distributors of quality products, as well as local shop owners. In other words, because they are so well respected in the community, Shannon and Tony are able to ask for the best of the best, and they almost always get it."

"I can't say enough good things about these to stellar human beings. They are young, talented, consummate professionals with an unwavering work ethic and unparalleled enthusiasm for the business. I recommend their services without hesitation. In actuality, it is an honor for me to not only have worked with them over the course of the last couple of years, but to be in a position where I can speak to their abilities as trailblazers in their field." 
- Karen Reid

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